May 25, 2009


Why I didn't write any single word? Arrghhh....mood nahi tha!!! I push myself to write something and express something here but always avoided due to laziness. However, today I did it. From now, I will write something whenever I want to pen down my feelings and thoughts. I am a little bit good with expressing my inner thingies on paper or computer. :)

Since last few days I am really really missing my dearie cousin who lives in India. We are so close enough to hide nothing in our life. I always feel so comfortable and warmness with her. I can enjoy each and every moment with her and had an excellent history about our relationship. As days goes...I came here in Australia and still we were in touch. But you know, kisi ki nazar lag gayee...! nahin...nothing wrong has happened between us...we haven't had any serious fight or something. But this thing is sure that because of other person...our relationship become slightly sour...but when I visited India last year...we talked as usual. She had tried to spend maximum time with me and supported me a lot with my marriage preparation. Neither she nor me would behave oddly. Everything went well...even though I feel some vacuum there. :( Yes, our relation (I would rather give it a name of pure friendship) is matured enough to clear any misunderstanding between us. We tried to solve but failed. Again, I told you here that because of third party...

I just want my dearie cousin K back!!! Please God help me. I just want our healthy relationship back and those funny days!!! After all, she is my besty and nobody can claim/replace her from my heart and life.



May 11, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!!!


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