August 17, 2009

Last Sunday we went to friend's birthday treat and returned at home very late around 11.50pm. We both were exhausted because it was chilly and windy night. Nonetheless, we had a lot of fun - played a bowling, cracked some jokes and laughed a lot. My hubby always cracks jokes and make everybody smile and cheer up surrounding things. :)

We both knew we have to go to job and get up early in morning. We both usually leave our home at 7.30am, go to station by 14 mins walking distance. Actually, my job place is far from his. So, I need to leave sharp 7.30am but my hubby dear also accompany me even though he can leave later. Well, what I am talking about? Yeah...on Monday morning, I found difficulty to get from bed...due to late night sleep it was really difficult to manage myself. My hubby also got up himself and came into kitchen to prepare a 'Frankie' as he promised me to make a Frankie for Monday lunch. He prepared a superb Frankie and I totally relished to it during my lunch break.

I was thinking that how lucky I am! My hubby dear prepared me my lunch-box without any complain. How perfectly wrapped my Frankie in parchment paper. How sweet of him! :)

I will read this post when I have a conflict with him. ;):)


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