unexpected call!!!

November 12, 2009

Time: 11.40AM

Yesterday fine morning, I was surfing internet and humming a song. Suddenly, my landline phone buzzed up. Who was it at this time in the morning? It must be a call from marketing survey or any other marketing person. I hate those phone calls and even more hate to ignore him/her on the phone. But, my instincts were yelling at me...pick up the phone! pick up the phone!! I never dare to ignore my instincts so not this time as well. I picked up call and who was it??!!

Ohhh....it's call from foreign based cousin. Yikes!!! Totally unexpected!!! How on earth she has called me? How come? Why? why? She is your cousin and it's normal to happen it...no? But wait, we almost were not in good terms of our relationship. We used to opposite to each other and still are. We used to live in same hostel room in India during our Masters...lived under one roof about 2 years. But, somehow, we hadn't very healthy relation as it should be.

The most important thing is, despite of opposite nature and cross minds, we both knows each other very well. I must say, she used to know my all secrets, goodness and evilness, abilities and disabilities, like and dislikes and many more things. I know everything about her vice versa. Without having any chit-chat, we understand and track each other's thoughts. How weird!!! Regardless, we both used to hate these! We both always keep a safe distance from each other. We both used to fear that we would catch any train of thought without having any formal conversation. I know, there was nothing but ego-crash. I have had very bad experiences when I used to trust her. She had betrayed me again and again. Every time, I would forgive her and forget old events...and re-start to trust her...but she would do it again. She was always two steps ahead of me. Some other day, I decided that I never never trust her again in my life. Since now and then I never have looked back. Now, I don't want to hurt my self-esteem again. So, I decided. Time flew...years and years...I came here...she flew away to another country after marriage...in very opposite direction from me.

We talked about 54 minutes.:)We talked about each other's family, job, kitchen and many more things. She promised me to call me back and also insisted that to give her a missed call if I want to talk. I am still amused and have been thinking many things like, Does she can change herself after years? Should I trust her again? Should I bother to maintain our relation? I don't know.

After getting married, we still are having some very common things which we can't change ever. Sometimes God creates weird situations! very weird!


Renu May 10, 2010 at 5:53 PM  

A oerson who betrays you twice is not worth trusting.

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