Take it easy!

November 27, 2009

Hello world,

How would you pass your day when your surrounding people is boring and workaholic? When you surrounded by very senior citizens and they usually don't believe in office chit-chat, jokes or any lighter moments. I must admit that I work in very highly recognized company yet very restricted one! Personally I believe that every human needs a moments that makes his/her hectic life lighter. We all needs some healthy moments to mellow our stress. what do you say?

A harmless joke or laughter can make your day. You will feel lighter and fresh till end of the day. The reverse is so true! Yes...yes....this is my personal experience and I am sure many people would agree with me here. So, please don't hang around with your heavy face and don't be so workaholic. Try to escape from your work and feel free to share your experience, something new or whatever topic you enjoy. Just spend some time with yourself and try to make your day and others as well.

And yes, SMILE always! :)


Tose naina lage - Javeda zindagi

November 14, 2009

Another beautiful song from Anwar movie. I am listening this song again and again. I know, I am very late to come across this song but I am very happy to find it. I must say this song is more than a mere song and dedicated to Lord Krishna. Very soothing and heartfelt song! You will love it. If you understand the meaning of this song then you will love more and more as you listen.

Song: Tohse naina lagey - Jaaveda Zindagi
Movie: ANWAR


unexpected call!!!

November 12, 2009

Time: 11.40AM

Yesterday fine morning, I was surfing internet and humming a song. Suddenly, my landline phone buzzed up. Who was it at this time in the morning? It must be a call from marketing survey or any other marketing person. I hate those phone calls and even more hate to ignore him/her on the phone. But, my instincts were yelling at me...pick up the phone! pick up the phone!! I never dare to ignore my instincts so not this time as well. I picked up call and who was it??!!

Ohhh....it's call from foreign based cousin. Yikes!!! Totally unexpected!!! How on earth she has called me? How come? Why? why? She is your cousin and it's normal to happen it...no? But wait, we almost were not in good terms of our relationship. We used to opposite to each other and still are. We used to live in same hostel room in India during our Masters...lived under one roof about 2 years. But, somehow, we hadn't very healthy relation as it should be.

The most important thing is, despite of opposite nature and cross minds, we both knows each other very well. I must say, she used to know my all secrets, goodness and evilness, abilities and disabilities, like and dislikes and many more things. I know everything about her vice versa. Without having any chit-chat, we understand and track each other's thoughts. How weird!!! Regardless, we both used to hate these! We both always keep a safe distance from each other. We both used to fear that we would catch any train of thought without having any formal conversation. I know, there was nothing but ego-crash. I have had very bad experiences when I used to trust her. She had betrayed me again and again. Every time, I would forgive her and forget old events...and re-start to trust her...but she would do it again. She was always two steps ahead of me. Some other day, I decided that I never never trust her again in my life. Since now and then I never have looked back. Now, I don't want to hurt my self-esteem again. So, I decided. Time flew...years and years...I came here...she flew away to another country after marriage...in very opposite direction from me.

We talked about 54 minutes.:)We talked about each other's family, job, kitchen and many more things. She promised me to call me back and also insisted that to give her a missed call if I want to talk. I am still amused and have been thinking many things like, Does she can change herself after years? Should I trust her again? Should I bother to maintain our relation? I don't know.

After getting married, we still are having some very common things which we can't change ever. Sometimes God creates weird situations! very weird!


New costume and I am happy!

November 4, 2009

I have been rejecting blog templates one by one since few weeks. Finally, today, I stumbled upon a good template, caught my eyes and I immediately changed my layout. Much better that before. I know, my blog still needs some finishing work but will do it little by little. Till, I am happy with new look. :)



August 17, 2009

Last Sunday we went to friend's birthday treat and returned at home very late around 11.50pm. We both were exhausted because it was chilly and windy night. Nonetheless, we had a lot of fun - played a bowling, cracked some jokes and laughed a lot. My hubby always cracks jokes and make everybody smile and cheer up surrounding things. :)

We both knew we have to go to job and get up early in morning. We both usually leave our home at 7.30am, go to station by 14 mins walking distance. Actually, my job place is far from his. So, I need to leave sharp 7.30am but my hubby dear also accompany me even though he can leave later. Well, what I am talking about? Yeah...on Monday morning, I found difficulty to get from bed...due to late night sleep it was really difficult to manage myself. My hubby also got up himself and came into kitchen to prepare a 'Frankie' as he promised me to make a Frankie for Monday lunch. He prepared a superb Frankie and I totally relished to it during my lunch break.

I was thinking that how lucky I am! My hubby dear prepared me my lunch-box without any complain. How perfectly wrapped my Frankie in parchment paper. How sweet of him! :)

I will read this post when I have a conflict with him. ;):)



July 30, 2009

Hello Friends,

I know, you might have heard this song before. But, still I want to share this video with you all.
A beautiful song from Anwar movie. I love love this song. I can't stop myself to hear again and again since I have heard this song. It simply drag me in different but in my own world. Hope you would like this.


Angry with surronding things...

June 3, 2009

Feel very anguish and upset with serial attacks on Indian students in Melbourne. I have been living here since 5 years and never have had heard this bad and shameful news. Hoping the Australian government will take strict action about it.



May 25, 2009


Why I didn't write any single word? Arrghhh....mood nahi tha!!! I push myself to write something and express something here but always avoided due to laziness. However, today I did it. From now, I will write something whenever I want to pen down my feelings and thoughts. I am a little bit good with expressing my inner thingies on paper or computer. :)

Since last few days I am really really missing my dearie cousin who lives in India. We are so close enough to hide nothing in our life. I always feel so comfortable and warmness with her. I can enjoy each and every moment with her and had an excellent history about our relationship. As days goes...I came here in Australia and still we were in touch. But you know, kisi ki nazar lag gayee...! nahin...nothing wrong has happened between us...we haven't had any serious fight or something. But this thing is sure that because of other person...our relationship become slightly sour...but when I visited India last year...we talked as usual. She had tried to spend maximum time with me and supported me a lot with my marriage preparation. Neither she nor me would behave oddly. Everything went well...even though I feel some vacuum there. :( Yes, our relation (I would rather give it a name of pure friendship) is matured enough to clear any misunderstanding between us. We tried to solve but failed. Again, I told you here that because of third party...

I just want my dearie cousin K back!!! Please God help me. I just want our healthy relationship back and those funny days!!! After all, she is my besty and nobody can claim/replace her from my heart and life.



May 11, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!!!


Happy Earth Day!

April 22, 2009

Happy Earth Day!


April 8, 2009

I am stepping into this wonderful world. This is a place where I can share or our my random thoughts and rants. Though, I know very well the pros and cons of bloggy things.

Happy surfing. :)



April 5, 2009

Nobody is perfect. I am nobody. :D
I am trying to pen down the flow of thoughts here.
Happy reading!


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